Service Philosophy

Service Philosophy

A.  The philosophy of the services provided by Saints Incorporated will be:


  1. To provide quality community living situations and/or facilitate successful community employment experiences for adults who are developmentally disabled and/or mentally ill requiring twenty-four (24) hour supervision and/or assistance as needed.
  2. To provide an environment conducive to social and psychological growth and development toward a maximal state of independence.
  3. To encourage the provision, development and enhancement of such services in the community as transportation, recreation, education, vocational training, employment, and alternative forms of housing for the developmentally disabled/mentally ill.
  4. To coordinate the provision of such training and support services as necessary to prepare the person with disabilities for the least restrictive and most desired living and/or employment situation fundamental to his  or her happiness and well being.
  5. To own, operate, manage, and supervise congregate living residences and other alternative living arrangements for persons with disabilities and/or mental illness.


B.  The corporation’s service philosophy shall coincide with the philosophy of the Department of Community Health, which is to return to, or maintain, persons with disabilities within their own community through the provision of comprehensive community services.  Normativeness shall be the primary measure to determine the suitability of the residential and programmatic environment.


All members of the staff of Saints Incorporated will maintain positive and ongoing communications with family and guardians in a manner that best meets the needs of the customers and their families or guardians.  In addition, the opinions and requests of customers, their families or guardians shall be considered in all service decisions including the location, duration, and objectives of the service.  The rights of all customers shall be honored and upheld according to the policies of the Office of Recipient Rights of the Department of Community Health, and Saints Incorporated.


C.  All services provided shall incorporate a strategy to address culturally and linguistically appropriate services, to incorporate community and customer involvement in the design and execution of service delivery, and to recruit and retain diverse and culturally competent staff who are trained and qualified to address the treatment and psychological needs of customers and families with diverse values, beliefs, and sexual orientation, in addition to backgrounds that vary by race, ethnicity, religion, abilities, and language.  (See Operations Manual Section 2.5)


D.  All services provided under contract with the Department of Community Health will conform to all policies circumscribed in the Michigan Mental Health Code.


E.  All services provided under State of Michigan licensure shall conform to all policies circumscribed by the State of Michigan . 


F.  The target population is described functionally as developmentally disabled/mentally ill.  Individuals shall be able to function in a community setting, be 18 years of age or over, and not have medical complications that require constant medical supervision.


Quality Assurance

It is the policy of Saints Incorporated to assure the continued quality of services provided and to provide processes for improving organizational performance.


Continuous quality assurance and improvement shall be sought through means including but not limited to:


  • Regular meetings of Board of Directors, Home Managers, and various Committees.
  • Setting goals and tracking achievement toward those goals via measurable performance indicators.
  • Regular review of our Mission and our adherence to achievement of our Mission in all aspects of service provision.
  • Regular dissemination of information to those involved with service provision and to others via various means such as newsletters and reports.


Customer Satisfaction

It is the policy of Saints Incorporated to assure, to the best of our ability, customer satisfaction with services.

Customer satisfaction shall be sought through means including but not limited to:


  • Regular polling of customers, their families, guardians, and other stakeholders in customer satisfaction.
  • Regular solicitation of feedback and input at the direct service level via ongoing communications, Home Meetings, Customer Committee, and customer member participation in the various Committees.
  • Adherence to and implementation of the Person Centered Plan as a primary objective of service provision.