Saints Incorporated was begun in 1978 to assist persons with developmental disabilities, including those with mental illness and other disabilities, to reach their fullest potential of community involvement and person independence.

The assistance is customer-driver and goal-oriented.  Service delivery will be molded and driven by the individualized choices, opinion, requests, desires, and life outcomes expressed by the customer, their families, guardians, and others significant in their lives.  Customer desire will be the deciding factor in all service decisions regarding the location, duration, and objectives of the service.

Saints Incorporated is dedicated to providing the persons we serve with a quality experience in a home setting in the community which fulfills to the best of our ability the physical, social, and psychological needs of the customer as expressed by the customer, their families and guardians, and others significant in their lives.

Persons served have opportunities to develop and/or increase, as desired, social contacts, personal relationships and networks within the community.  They are given the opportunities to enhance their quality of life by maintaining and learning life skills.

We provide the opportunity for the persons we serve to expand their variety of community life experiences, increase their opportunities for community access, and increase their opportunities for community inclusion.

Our Community Employment Services and Community Awareness Program assists persons who have the desire and ability to work to find and retain competitive jobs and/or volunteer work in the community.

Saints Incorporated does not discriminate in its service delivery to any of the individuals we serve on the basis of race, sex, national origin, religion, or disability.