Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Professional Conduct.  Board and Staff Members:

  • Do not have relationships with customers or their family members that in any way exceed the boundaries of services.
  • Do not accept any gifts, bonuses, gratuity, favor, or loan from any customer, nor exchanges of personal property.
  • Do not hire customer for any purpose.
  • Follow the ethics related to their particular licenses and certifications.
  • Comply with legal, contractual, and confidentiality requirements.


Personal Conduct.  Board and Staff Members:

  • Conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times when on the job.
  • Are sensitive to the impact of their behavior when off the job.
  • No not engage in personal fund raising.
  • Shall not sign or witness any legal document for, about or relating to corporate business or business or health related matters regarding the customers. 


Business Practices.  Saints Incorporated assures ethical business practices by:

  • Complying with legal, contractual, and confidentiality requirements.
  • Avoiding conflict of interest at all levels of the organization
  • Having strict guidelines for handling the budget, finances, contracts, and funds of the organization, personal property and funds of customers.
  • Not copying or reproducing any copyrighted material including audio, film, books, pamphlets, and software.
  • Not engaging in any fee splitting.
  • Ensuring that billing occurs only for services provided.
  • Monitoring expenses and revenues regularly to ensure fair pricing of services.


Marketing Practices.  Saints Incorporated assures ethical marketing practices by:

  • Not in any way misrepresenting the services provided.
  • Not offering service beyond the level of expertise for the staff.
  • Working in conjunction with other agencies, organization, and individuals to provide a full compliment of service.
  • Requiring that the fee for services are the same for all those served.


Clinical Practices.  Saints Incorporated Board and staff members:

  • Does not misrepresent its levels of expertise.
  • Is bound by federal and state confidentiality laws.
  • Acknowledges an understanding of the rights of those served.
  • Is provided with supervision to ensure the highest quality of care.
  • Is provided with in-service training to keep the staff abreast of advances in the field.
  • Are credentialed, as required.
  • Collaborates with many local resources to provide a wide variety of services to customers.
  • Treats customers and community members with dignity and respect.